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WELCOME TO THE HOLIDAYS 2020! Welcome to the 7 days of gifting. at TMS we only give what we absolutely love. For this post We had exclusive access to Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue we wondered the store to bring you a few of our favorite things. @Saks we bring you only the best labels of the moment to help you get ready for Spring after lockdown. Valentino Super V handbag hits centerstage followed by Valentino Super V mini. Balenciaga Nano Ville leather top handle mini bag is small and in focus and Yves Saint Laurent’s medium envelope Monogram Matelasse’ shines bright. Availabe at Saks Fifth Avenue 700 North Michigan Avenue. 312-944-6500. Our entire Gift Guide portfolio photographed by Michael Jarecki @jareckiphotographs. Thank you to Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue and Saks Fifth Avenue Michigan Avenue, “TELL THEM I SENT YOU”.

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