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WELCOME TO FALL. It's finally here. Summer has ended and so is the gardening season. I posted a video in my stories recently of myself cooking at home. I was preparing tomatoes, doused in olive oil to be roasted for tomato soup for dinner. The tomatoes and all ingredients came from my garden. Ever since I was a boy I've had a garden and a green thumb if you will. I remember having a small space of English roses and Zinnias alongside Tomatoes, peppers, and onions. As a man, I've continued my love affair with gardening. This season I've graduated to Beets, Leeks, Eggplant, Watermelon radish, Swiss chard Cucumber, and a few herbs. The City of Chicago has a program for gardeners. One can rent a seasonal plot in their neighborhood. Mine is the Montrose Metra Community garden located at Montrose and Ravenswood along the Metra tracks. I've had a plot there for the last 2 years, hence my tomato soup.

At TMS we are the poster image promoting "The well-lived life". What you put on your body is equal to what you put in it. For the opportunity to have your own personal Garden space contact your alderman.


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