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WELCOME TO FALL! We hope we’ve been providing a dose of much needed inspiration. I always say that a little bit of beauty goes a very long way. The world has become smaller with the internet and information is right at you fingertips. In my constant visitations to the luxury department stores,  I’ve been noticing a much needed validation to my fellow African American tastemakers. On any given day at any Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue stores , here in Chicago,young African American shoppers are coming in droves to buy the latest offerings of designer labels such as LOUIS VUITTON, SAINT LAUREN , BALENCIAGA, DIOR , VERSACE etc. Saks Fifth Avenue extended its menswear space from 2 to 3 floors, giving in to the voracious fashion appetite of young African American men. The African American mainstream culture is clear. 54% of African Americans are 34 years old or younger, they are voracious media consumers. African Americans are 48 million strong with 25 million being millennial age. My colleagues at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue understand this, therefore their sales staff reflect this data. As you know , I have a very good relationship with Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue and I’ll continue to represent them on the blog. Education is key. What and how to buy is important. At TMS we don’t like trends, but style that lasts. @linowilson exudes the image of a fashionable young African American tastemaker wearing Jil Sander wool coat, courtesy of @neimanmarcusmichiganavenue. This Portfolio photographed by @jarecki photographs. Grooming by @alfredlester .  Fashion and Creative Director, Yours Truly.    Get the look at Neiman Marcus- 737 N Michigan Avenue 312-642-5900 . Also visit the Saks Fifth Avenue store at 700 N Michigan Ave 312-944-6500. “TELL THEM I SENT YOU”

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