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Updated: May 29, 2022

As I write, Andre’ Leon Talley has passed. He was the grandest of all editors. In this gilded world of Fashion, Andre was Vogue. He wore a protective amour to protect himself from the poisonous, hateful tongue of his peers. I must say, “Fashion people aren’t the nicest people”. In my tenure for the Chicago Tribune, Ive attended runway shows in all three fashion destinations, New York ,Milan, and Paris. I’ve always stepped backed from the masses and observed the bad behavior of the fashion flock. Black Editors was a very rare thing. Andre’ was fluent in French, studied Baudeliaire and knows Fashion and couture to rival the best scholars. He was the best. The only Black man to accomplished such a feat. My brush with greatness began In the 90’s. I was working in the visual department at Neiman Marcus, where I met the President of Christian Lacroix North America. I was invited to the Fall Winter 1994 Haute Couture Collection . It was the most memorable moment for me, as a young man. In the Gilded salon of the Hotel Intercontinental Hotel, I experienced the visual spectacle that is Haute Couture. Andre was front and center and I waited Outside on the Rue De Castiglione as his driver was waiting a block away. Ive always wanted an apprenticeship to the Master, Yves Saint Laurent in his Couture atelier. I bravely approached him with the question of an appointment. I was granted one at his Vogue office on the Boulevard St Germaine. He was a towering Grand figure wearing the absolute best bespoke suit. I presented him with my leather bound portfolio, and my curriculum vitae. He was impressed . I can tell by his grand gestures that he appreciated the French Empire furniture that influenced my collection. Unfortunately I didn’t get an apprenticeship with Mr Saint Laurent but he gave me strength to approach both Emmanuel Ungaro, Christian Lacroix, and Gianfranco Ferre’ at Christian Dior where I apprenticed for 2 years. “THANK YOU MR TALLEY”

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