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WELCOME TO TMS. The house of Balenciaga has been in the news lately for yet another Controversy. Sometimes a bit of press, good or bad is good for a brand, but not this one. We've heard about it all week therefore I shan't repeat it yet again. At TMS we try to be on the right side of good press. I remember shooting fashion for the Chicago Tribune Sunday magazine and we would publish a female model wearing a daringly low decolette. Weeks later the editors would receive hate mail with the word " Nasty" written on the image. It is a bit much when magazine pays attention to such hate mail from readers who has a bit too much time on their hands. Nevertheless we were told not to show too much skin. When styling an image i try to invite the viewer to spend a little time to understand my story and point of view, therefore small hidden details are included to create the story. In this image @angelinacakuls @selectmodelchicago Wears Balenciaga logo dress and Prada boot sitting leg astride. She is a young girl and this is Fashion as we know it. My objective in this photo was to capture an oversize dress in the most beautiful way. I try very hard not to show too much skin so as not to cause any needless controversy. This Portfolio photographed by @alizabaranphoto, Makeup by @alfredlester. Baleniaga dress and Prada boot courtesy of @neimanmarcusmichiganavenue in collaboration with @louhansell.


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