BEHIND THE BLOGGING LENS Welcome to the blogosphere. Blogging is not easy. In my quest to bring you the most interesting images and news, I sometimes have to jump through hoops or very close to it. In this image the eternally tanned editrix of Vogue Nippon/ Japanese vogue is being hounded and photographed by the paparazzi and bloggers alike. This was outside of the Grand hotel, the site of the Balmain show in Paris. Anna Dello Russo is Camera friendly; she dresses for the camera and enjoys it immensely. An Image is not easy to come by. One has to compete with the relentless French and Italian Paparazzi, which is not an easy feat. In Paris, what goes on outside any show is as important as what happens inside. The current collections are being paraded outside as next season is being presented inside. As a stylist I tend to photograph only the most interesting. Celebrities normally aren’t the most interestingly dressed therefore they are off my radar. Among the throng of editors and buyers, there is always your occasional freak dressed in look alike mode to last season’s collection. At TWOmuchstyle I love Authenticity and individuality. Unfortunately only the big labels embrace this idea. So, welcome to blogging. Welcome to my blog. Welcome to TWOmuchstyle.


#AnnaDelloRusso #Fashion #SpringSummer2015

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