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Les Rita Mitsouko – Marcia Baila (Clip Officiel) Les Rita Mitsouko – Marcia Baila – réalisé par Philippe Gautier Redécouvrez l’intégralité des albums des Rita Mitsouko : Abonnez vous à la chaîne : Albums disponibles sur toutes les plateformes : 1er album : No Comprendo : Marc et Robert : Re : Système D : Cool Frénésie : La Femme Trombone : Variety :

BONNE WEEKEND! WELCOME TO FRIDAY. Today we closed the week with one of my favorite singers, Rita Mitsouko singing “Marcia Baila””.This was the closing song for “CHANEL BY THE SEA, Lagerfeld’s ode to spring summer 19. I remember dancing in Paris to this song, drunk on life. It will be a beautiful weekend therefore we encourage you to LIVE, LOVE and be HAPPY that fall is here. be prepared to put your best cashmeres and layers on and be ready for winters chill. Kindly follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. we intend to inspire with beautiful images, Kind words and wonderful thoughts. xoxoxo.

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