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We Found It: The Perfect Bag for a Fun and Cheerful Summer….

Welcome to sunshine and welcome to summer! At TWOmuchSTYLE, our world revolves around color. This summer, we’ll give you crisp-white, anchored by color wherever you like it. In today’s post, we dolled up a Sacai’s lace patchwork dress with an industrial zipper detail by adding some feather hairpieces, Gucci blinged-out and rhinestone encrusted sunglasses, and our star – the Serpui white raffia pineapple bag with chain detail. We suggest this bag be your travel companion all summer long. This Portfolio photographed by Akin Girav. Makeup and Hair- Darcy McGrath using Chanel Chelsea Parstenak is set for the weekend in Undercover lace patchwork dress and Gucci Pineapple embellished sunglasses. Serpui pineapple bag at Elements, Chicago. 312-642-6574 Fashion Editor- Patric Chauvez “TELL THEM I SENT YOU”

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