Comme des Garcons and the “Infinity of Tailioring”



The collection was mostly black and white, but a few pieces were done in velvet inkjet print, which was collaboration between Rei Kawakubo and artist Daniel Michiels. Bows, bustles, rosettes, and serpentine shapes on the arm weren’t mere decoration, but an integral part of the pattern of each jacket and trouser in all its three-dimensional glory. The hairstylist Julien d’Ys did the wigs that each model wore, made to look like it has been scorched.

This season, it seems that the trend is that designer are collaborating with artists and are taking influences from the art world. This became clear after making a re-see appointment with the press office to see and touch the clothes and experiencing Rei Kawakubo’s “Infinity of Tailoring”

Patric and Sam

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