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DR. CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD’S BLUE SUIT. I’m not embarrassed to say that I was glued to the television and was quite impressed with the polished blue suit Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was wearing. It reminds me of Marlowe or Max Mara, It very well may be.I was quite impressed by her CV. In 1991, Anita Hill also wore an iconic blue suit to her Senate Judiciary hearing for Judge Clarence Thomas’s nomination. She was also an extremely smart and educated woman and it was a moment to watch how sophisticated and well spoken she was. Anita Hill wore her hair in a waspy coif, Blasey Ford wore hers in a classic version of cascading waves. We stand with her in a mans world and know that her bravery will not go unnoticed. Blue whispers sophistication and strength. Its not a soft baby blue but a blue with a hint of masculine darkness and a hint of indigo. It guarantees not to distract , therefore when on the world stage or just trying to make a difference. Choose Blue, “IT’S THE COLOR OF THE MOMENT”

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