EMMANUEL KHANH PARIS Emmanuelle khanh is to eyewear what Run DMC is to Rap. I’ve lived through the 80’s and through Emmanuelle Khanhs oversize eyewear of that era. Run DMC glorified Emmanuelle khan and Addidas and helped secure both labels in the start of the era of Fashions obsession with the it label. Emmanuelle Khanh is a French label and is grounded in minimal architectural style of the Mary Quant era and the 1960’s. At TWOmuchstyle we are versed in the history of fashion and agree that Emmanuelle Khanh was before its time and is currently on trend. So in your efforts to get oversized in the eyewear department and to get that 80’s look Via Run DMC , visit Emmanluellle khanh and get your larger than life view of Fashion through the eyes of Emmanuelle Khanh. Emmanuellekahnhparis.com “TELL THEM I SENT YOU”


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