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Welcome to the beginning of Falls chill. At TWOmuchSTYLE we are in the midst of planning future posts. Fall is here and it’s time to add a bit of layer to our existing wardrobe. Its time to unpack the cashmeres, and the woolen coats in preparation for winter. In our featured image, @iamberry wears layers of Stella McCartney silk and wool,a perfect combination going into November.We are in love with extra large sweaters, cardigans and coats. We suggest you borrow your boyfriends cashmeres, Cardigan and coats and make it your own. Wrap yourself in excess fabric and keep warm this fall. This portfolio photographed by Emil Sinanagic Hair and Makeup- @alex_tatar Fashion Editor- Patric Chauvez @iamberry wears all Stella McCartney at Saks Fifth Avenue. “TELL THEM IS SENT YOU”

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