GREAT EXPECTATIONS. WHAT TO EXPECT THIS COMING FALL. Summer is in the shadows and fall is beginning to creep in. At TWOmuchSTYLE, we never shy away from a good dose of color. So we strongly advise to lift the dreary days of fall with any hint of color. The designer Sies Marjan is known for it’s inclusion of neon brights in cashmere and silk. Black is just not good enough. Gucci is in the spotlight with amazing mixtures of color , prints and statement accessories, we suggest you follow the leader. Dries Van Noten did a rendition of past blockbuster seasons with optical prints perfect for fall. Color blocking is always in style, Its done to perfection here by Fendi, Of course. The white shirt is a classic for all season. Valentino’s version is in the form of a shirtdress with a hem of absolute sheer lace. Wearing a dress is just so basic. We suggest you do a little layering and mix a bit of color for maximum impact. A Pucci look will last you forever, Its been in the height of fashion since the 60’s. It has stability and therefore will never go out of fashion. Alexander McQueen’s leather concoction will take you from day to night. It will mix with Jeans for day and an evening dress for night. The new bag is now more structured, we call it the framed handled bag and it comes in winter white. It perfectly compliments falls blackest black and most saturated colors. We’ve once again partnered with THENAILSCAPE in mixing nail colors with the best prints and textures in our portfolio. It shows that single color manicure doesn’t necessarily mean boring with the most exciting fashion of the season. This portfolio photographed by T Harrison Hillman Models- Val and Awa at FactorChosen Hair and Makeup- Andrea Samuels   Manicures by Ashley Gregory using Artistic Color Revolution Fashion Editor- Patric Chauvez

SIES MARJAN mint cashmere coat, striped cashmere sweater and draped silk skirt. Balenciaga velvet boot all at BLAKE, Chicago

GUCCI silk twill printed shirt, wool box pleated skirt and studded moccasin with pearl detail all at BLAKE, Chicago

Fendi color blocked wool dress and wool coat with zipper ad floor detail at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE, Chicago


DRIES VAN NOTEN silk printed shirt, metallic coat and wool trouser. GUCCI studded mocassin with pearl details all at BLAKE, Chicago

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN satin belted dress with cape detail. VICTORIA BECKHAM wool trouser at NEIMAN MARCUS, Chicago. CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN cobalt suede stiletto At SAKS FIFTH AVENUE, Chicago.

PUCCI optical print jersey pant suit at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE

PUCCI optical print pantsuit in jersey. CELINE frame handled bag in white leather at BLAKE, CHICAGO

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN satin belted dress with cape detail at NEIMAN MARCUS.  CELINE elongated earring at BLAKE, Chicago

Add a boost of luxe to your nail color this fall, complimenting Dries Van Noten’s clashing prints.

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