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Updated: Sep 7, 2022

At TWOmuchSTYLE February is the month of love. It’s all about everything we adore. In our featured image we chose color at it’s absolute best.Sarah wears Sies Marjan Lilac shearling coat and silk dress from our favorite store, BLAKE.  Lilac has never looked this good in the midst of winter.We like to think that we shoot the best designers on the planet from the best stores in the city. We absolutely love flowers and what better way to celebrate Valentine than to give the most beautiful flowers. We absolutely detest common red roses therefore we chose lilac and pink roses combined to a perfect bouquet.Take our advise and get 4 dozen roses in the combination of pink and lilac or your favorite color combination from CostCo , of all places, and have a fantastic Valentine. This portfolio photographed by Akin Girav Model- Sarah Pendergast at Ford models Hair and makeup- Kerre Berry at Factor Artists Manicurist- jess Monsalvo at Factor Artists Assistant fashion Editor- Danielle Von keller Fashion Director and Editor= Patric Chauvez at Ford Artists Sies Marjan available at Blake 212 West Chicago Ave. 312-202-0047 “TELL THEM I SENT YOU”

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