Haute Couture’s youth quake

COUTURE GOES POP Youth is a wonderful thing. For the first time in couture history, designers presented sporty sneaker in a realm of stiletto and lady like heels. Maybe the point that is meant to be made is that Haute Couture is young, hip and fresh for 2014 and beyond. Raf Simons of Dior and Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel presented sport like concoctions. At Dior, their version was embroidered with multicolored flowers and made of a mesh like fabric, like the cutout organza dresses they were shown with. At Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld sneakers were made of tweed and Python, veiled in lace and embroidered with pearls. The press release states that it took 30 hours to make. A Chanel ready to wear sneaker costs approximately $1,300.00. Therefore a couture version with 30 hour labor at a Paris couture studio and embroidered by hand would cost approximately $6,000. To $8,000.00. The couturiers realize that sneakers are youthful. Lanvin sneakers starts at $750.00, Hermes starts at $1,000.00, Giuseppe Zannotti bedazzled men’s hi tops starts at $1,300.00. At TWOmuchstyle we realize that the race is on for who can make the most expensive sneaker. I prefer Nikes airmax 90 sneaker booth that cashes in at a mere $140. Youth, It’s a wonderful thing.

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