You either have it or you don’t. This is the case with having good taste.Everybody loves a strong independent woman. In a world of  equal rights and equal pay for all. TWOmuchSTYLE loves the woman that embraces hard work without sacrificing style and grace. She mixes high with low . Couture with your everyday Levis and  diamonds with rhinestones. She is the woman that gives as much as she takes and realizes that life is a stage . Her life is a performance in itself , wearing McQueen to the market and Levis to the opera. She is the Kind of woman that is self assured who is at ease at an eight course meal as she is at a hamburger juke joint. welcome the modern day woman.

We all want to be her.

T Harrison Hillman photographed this portfolio

Model-Val at Supreme management wearing Self Portrait lace strap dress available at BLAKE CHICAGO.

Makeup- Darcy Mcgrath

Hair- Bryin Smoot at Factor Chosen using Oribe

Fashion Editor- Patric Chauvez.

#BlakeChicago #SelfPortrait

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