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WELCOME TO OCTOBER! Welcome to the first in a series of How To videos to make your life complete.View the video on my Youtube Channel, TWOmuchSTYLE. Its a bit challenging being a man and a blogger discussing fashion and style for women.. I cannot wear what I’m suggesting to you but unlike most bloggers , I’m a stylist, a very good one at that. That being said, I have the expertise and a few years under my belt to make such a suggestion.This post is about Monochrome and how to make a perfect look of using one color work to perfection. I prefer to use different shade of the same color to make a beautiful color story. I always love using an unexpected color in an accessory, namely a different color shoe , glove or jewelry. Let me know what you think. Theres much more to come. Kindly follow our Youtube account, TWOmuchSTYLE. Thanks to Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus . Max Mara, Roland Mouret and Dolce Gabbana is Available at Saks Fifth Avenue Stella McCartney is available at Neiman Marcus THANK YOU! This portfolio photographed by Akin Girav Model- Liza Cruzat coming to a model agent near you. Hair and Makeup- Tonya Nolan using Pat McGrath beauty @tonyasbeautybox Manicurist – Tori Bastian @theposhedpinky using OPI Fashion Editor- Patric Chauvez @twomuchstyle

Liza Cruzat wears STELLA MCCARTNEY sleeveless dress with chain detail at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE and ALTUZARRA silk shirt with leather detail at NEIMAN MARCUS. GIANVITTO ROSSI grey suede stiletto at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE.

MAX MARA camel hair blazer, Silk pussy bow blouse and camel hair trouser all at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE.

DOLCE GABBANA cashmere coat at NEIMAN MARCUS. ROLAND MOURET wool crepe asymmetrical dress AND GIANVITTO ROSSI suede stiletto both at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE

For maximum impact, CHLOE’S leather bag with brass hardware was introduce . A deeper warmer brown allows for a beautiful picture. Chloe bag at NEIMAN MARCUS and gold and diamond ring at ELEMENTS. Our nail artist used a medium shade of brown with a rich oxblood applied at the tip for interest.

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