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I’ve always been asked this question. How do you do what you do so easily? This is my answer. I absolutely love what I do. Great style is actually not about the clothes at all, but about how you wear it, how you walk, how you enter a room and about how one feels when being dressed quite well. So many bloggers pile on the logos and labels and don’t quite understand the pleasure of being well dressed.The sale season is upon us and now is the time to shop the major pieces you wanted, at a discount , of course. I suggest, the perfect leather bomber, candy colored cashmere, the perfect white shirts, embellished or not and the shoes you wanted all summer long. throw in a few staples like a full skirt and a few printed silk dresses. You can wear them early fall and spring going into summer. Spice them up a bit with a belted blazer in a candy color. Color is always good.If not color, choose black, you absolutely cannot go wrong with black. Stay away from top or pervasive trends. If it is a trend it means everyone is wearing it. Finally, Be kind. Only beautiful people are kind . Spring Summer is currently up to 75% off at this very moment. Below is a list of my favorite stores. BLAKE 212 WEST CHICAGO AVE. 312-202-0047 NEIMAN MARCUS 737 N MICHIGAN AVE 312-642-5900 SAKS FIFTH AVE 700 N MICHIGAN AVE 312-944-6500 ELEMENTS 706 N WELLS 312-642-6574 ROBIN RICHMAN 2108 N DAMEN VMR 49 E OAK ST. 312-330-3778 GEORGE GREEN 449 E OAK ST 312-654-2490 “TELL THEM I SENT YOU”

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