kiki De Montparnasse

KIKI DE MONTPARNASSE Never judge a book by its cover. We beg to differ. Love is a wonderful thing, so is sex. In the eyes of TWOmuchstyle, sex is one of the ingredients to happiness. Good sex = Happy. I discovered Kiki De Montparnasse in Las Vegas at the shops at the Aria. Sex sells, we all know that. Good sex packaged well sells even better. Kiki De Montparnasse is a global luxury brand and the purveyor of fine intimate accessories and lingerie to put a smile on anyone’s face. Everything seems to be designed to make each and every experience extremely beautiful. The company was established with the conviction that love beauty and fulfillment are integral to a life well lived. We second that motion. Erotic massagers, (Dildos) are called instruments of pleasure and are made from Volcanic glass, jade, Crystal and sculpted steel, Masks, blindfolds and Corsetry are made from fine lace, silk and leather. Kiki De Montparnasse reminds us that Love is all there is (and love is enough) So on your next jaunt to the bedroom, make your next experience special and show the world that you are extremely happy because you are having good sex courtesy of KIKI DE MONTPARNASSE and TWOmuchstyle. “TELL THEM I SENT YOU”


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