COLLEGIEN SLIPPER SOCK Fall is here and the holidays are drawing near. At TWOmuchstyle it’s a rear occurrence when I’m absolutely smitten with an object. The object of discussion is the Slipper sock by the French company COLLEGIEN. I discovered this object of wonder at one of my favorite store, IKRAM. Built of molded rubber to resemble the shape of ones foot and a built in sock with various designs. TWOmuchstyle loves good design with a good price attached. In this case it’s priced at a mere $50. For adults and $35. for children. This I think makes a fantastic gift. Get it at IKRAM 15 East Huron Chicago Ill 312-587-1000 “TELL THIM I SENT YOU”

Screen shot 2014-08-18 at 9.59.12 PM

#fall2014 #Ikram #LeCollegien

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