LOUIS VUITTON Bois de Bologne Paris Nicholas Ghesquiere started the 70’s trend for fall winter 2014 and revisits it again for spring 2015. Seeing the collection whizz by at the Bois de Bologne was an experience in itself. Today I had my re-see appointment to review the collection up close and personal with other top editors. The images you see online fails to justify the technical detail that exists on each and every look. The collection started out with the white dress with lacing at the neck, in actuality the fabrication was a sort of Macramé that was woven in different textures the lacing at the neck being gross grain ribbon backed with leather. It then moves into the eel skin looks, which were structured with leather tab closure. The dresses that were of a mesh/ lace type fabric had pleated silk hemline and fringed in leather. What appear to be ruffles at the front are actually sequins stung in multiples to resemble a ruffled front blouse. He did a series of whimsical looks printed with beauty and household items. It then moved to light weight velvet pieces, and heavily sequined dresses shown with tights. For Ghesquiere it’s all in the details and technical workmanship. In leaving a technical footprint on this collection, the heel of his shoes was designed to leave a formal imprint as a woman walks away. This is called the “Fleur Heel


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