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Liza and Milllie discusses life and style WELCOME TO THE OCTOBER ISSUE! “THE AGE DEFYING ISSUE” ,Liza and Millie Cruzat discusses Life and Style. Kindly visit to view the editorial in its entirety. THANK YOU FOR VISITING OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL. KINDLY FOLLOW ON INSTAGTAM , FACEBOOK AND TWITTER.

LIFE AND STYLE. We hope you’ve enjoyed the beginning of the October issue dedicated to “AGE DEFYING STYLE”. Styling Liza and her mother, Millie, was an absolute joy. Theres much more to come, The month is still young. This post is about both women discussing life and style.. We will be updating videos to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL, kindly visit. It’s a bit challenging but it has to be done. Kindly Like, Share ,Love, Enjoy and get Inspired. Patric

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