TRANSPARENCY, it has raised its beautiful head yet again for spring summer. Miu Miu is the younger sister to Prada, therefore she is younger more experimental and wearing a see through floral dress with her undies showing is not a big deal. In summertime its hot and we all want to take our clothes off. Miuccia introduced a 1950’s rendition of a sock hop with polos, , plaid, floral prints and knee socks. Lace dresses were layered with trousers and polos.It was all a flashback to the ’50s and ’60s college kid and prom clothes complete with the ballerina-length circle-skirted lace dresses, the checked lumberjack shirts and boys polos. Come spring we will all take our clothes off. Miu Miu is available at NEAPOLITAN COLLECTION IN WINNETKA. “TELL THEM I SENT YOU”

#MiuMiu #SpringSummer2018 #TWOmuchstyle

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