MOMENTS FROM PARIS The Spring 2014 Collections in Paris was filled with that Kodak moment, Etched in time by TWOmuchstyle. It was a show on the runway as well as in the streets of Paris. In this post we bring you Snippets of the comings and goings of the fashion pack, dressed in this season and next seasons collection which is not even in stores as of yet. The Italian clothes peg, Anna Dello Russo changes her wardrobe about 3 times daily to accommodate the bloggers and paparazzi that await her entrance and exit from each show. Then again, there exist your wannabes the discouragingly numerous amount of attendees who literally shows up to make a scene, dressed in their inconspicuous looks from god knows where. This is Paris a city where Couture coexist with mass-market knockoffs, where last seasons looks is just that, last seasons looks. Where the freaks come out to play, where you can spot the real deal a mile away.Peruse our collection of edits from the off runway antics from the people that brings you fashion.

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