Summer is over and fall is here.At TWOmuchSTYLE we are always on the hunt of how to make our lives a little bit more beautiful.We are in love with flowers and of course Orchids are the next best thing. They are exotic and they last so much more longer than cut flower. In our feature image we love this room decorated by Mark D Sikes. A bit of Chinoiserie mixed with the most beautiful orchid ever. I purchased 3 orchid plant at my local Home Depot and inserted them in a large porcelain bowl for all under $50. I prefer , of course , the color White. It compliments everything. Kindly remember to water them once a week by holding them under running water, allowing them to drain and then replacing them into the container. All this for a few weeks of absolute beauty. “LIVE WELL” “TELL THEM I SENT YOU” P

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