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FALL’S NEW “IT BAG”! For a woman, a bag is a must have accessory.In todays world she is given an abundance in choices, as in Kate Spade and the never ending Michael Kor’s, which I believe one in every 5 woman has. My desire is to change all that. I’d prefer for a woman to be an individual and choose her go to accessory based not by popularity but by design . When scouting for looks and accessories for shoots I tend to choose based on the thought of ” I’ve never seen this before”. This Loewe bag was one of those tendencies. I’ve photographed, Givenchy, Dior, Prada, McQueen and numerous others but wanted something fresh that wasn’t popular with the masses. For the this is key. This fall, get yourself a brand new bag with just the right trappings to make it fresh for the new season. Loewe bag with gilt hardware closure at Saks Fifth Avenue. This Portfolio photographed by @Emilphotographer @iamBerry Has a brand new bag and is overjoyed as you can see, wearing Calvin Klein305W59STNYC wool sweater and sleeves available from BLAKE, Chicago. Hair and Makeup- @Alex_tatar Fashion Editor-Yours truly. “TELL THEM I SENT YOU”

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