WELCOME FRIDAY. Today is Friday, the start of an amazing weekend. We appreciate and love the well lived life.We love the color white infused with a dose of color. In our continued collaboration with thenailscape we bring you a weekend moment. we set the scene, a TWOmuchSTYLE reader at her favorite cafe, either at a brasserie in Paris or a cafe’ in Chicago.She is carrying her favorite envelope clutch by Thom Browne. Her rose gold I-phone, Laduree lemon macaroon and her freshly manicured nails. All this , in a glossy still life representing weekend mode. Be it home or at your favorite haunt we promote a life well lived. BONNE WEEKEND TO YOU. This portfolio photographed by Carissa Lancaster Art Direction – Patric Chauvez Manicure- Thenailscape. The Cuban Manicure Is back.Carrera marble and gold foil manicure with Morgan Taylor “Potts of Tea”. Hands- Caitlin McCormick at FordModels.com

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