RODARTE “GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE” We do think alike, Great minds that is. It happened at Rodarte , Givenchy and Saint Laurent. The introduction of Grunge , Punk and the late eighties style that has been etched on the fashion time line. Rodarte, the designing sisters, is set to make an appearance at ikram this Thursday for an amazing evening of meet and greet with the fashion cognoscenti of Chicago. Their fall collection, which was based on their hometown of Santa Cruz, California, was an incorporation of punk, Grunge and late eighties influence. Rodarte along with Givenchy and Saint Laurent was among the most forward collection for fall 2013. These influences were noted in their use of the barbed Wire accessories, leather, Tie-dye and studded leather jackets. It must be noted that Rodarte was presented approximately 3 weeks prior to the Givenchy and Saint Laurent’s fall collection, which made them the leader of the pack. This of course is a major case of BEEN THERE DONE THAT. It must be noted that Rodarte is only available at Ikram .


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