Suzy Menkis, “THE CIRCUS OF FASHION” The peacock and the crow


This is a rebuttal to Suzy Menkes’s New York Times article ,”The Circus of Fashion” The Crows and the Peacock. I’ve admired Madam Menkis writing techniques for many years. She is, of course, much older and in some cases much wiser than myself. I read with bubbling anger and interest, Suzy Menkes’s article separating editors and bloggers. In a sense we are all Journalists, Suzy went to Journalism school and us bloggers possess the good taste and knowledge of how to spot a good thing when we see it. In my travel to the Fall Collections in Paris in February, bloggers congregate at the garden path of the Tuilleries, which became a temporary catwalk. It’s distance runs from the gilded gates of the Place de la Concorde through the Jardin de Tuilleries. In a stretch of 3 Blocks Editors are greeted with glaring flashbulbs by the Paparazzi and bloggers alike. Some rejects the advances of photographers, but many welcome the attention to be plastered across the Internet in a nano second. It is a show within a show. It is true that some bloggers dress for the shows, as ridiculous as they may be, creating much needed entertainment on the garden path. .

The fashion industry is a strange world, filled with not so nice people who deem you out of style and out of touch in an instant. I am a Blogger and also consider myself an editor/stylist, a damn good one I must say. Blogging is a new phenomenon, one that is helmed by young people in the industry. As a rule of thumb I stand at a distance, away from the murky waters and enjoy the show for it is a grand show indeed. I’m sure you’ve heard the Phrase “The fashion industry is a cut throat business”. Well, It’s absolutely true. Madam Menkis is proof that the fashion industry is a difficult business. She prevails at separating people based on differences through her glossed up words in the New York Times or the International Herald Tribune. She is even blogging, YES, blogging. She hints to the fact that bloggers is an inconvenience to her and her “Professional” counterparts. In fashion there is Hierarchy, there are senior editors and then there are great young stylists and bloggers. I try my very best to remain grounded and not be jaded by all the fluff and intricacies of the fashion world. Sometimes its a bit frustrating maneuvering the press offices of the various fashion houses. Nevertheless i carry on. I do hope that one does not percieve my comments as bitter as all of the above will be written in vain. Whenever I offer assistance or advice to new up and comer, be it a stylist or designer, I say these words.


On that note, I say to Madam Menkis, Pass your good fortunes on to a young editor, blogger, stylist etc. It’s good for your karma and for the industry.

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