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Updated: Sep 7, 2022

The Fall collection is now being shown in New York and will end in Paris in March. Fashion shows stateside is a bit bland, to say the least, but in Paris, its an art form. Combine architecture , history and art with the best designers and image makers on the planet and its the perfect concoction for a fashion perfection. This February thru March we invite you to appreciate the beauty of the venues shows are held in. The Ecole de Beaux Arts, The Grand Palais The Tuileries, The Lourve, and the Hotel De Ville. All these are the most used spaces. With the grandeur of painted ceilings and gilt everything, it allows for fashion to be seen in it’s best light. We Look forward to a great fall Winter Collection 2018/19. Remember it’s all in the environment. It helps to shed light on Next seasons best.

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