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WELCOME TO THE MAY ISSUE!                                                                                       As I write I’m currently at home, still in my pajamas wondering what lies ahead. Life as we know it has changed forever. Fashion will of course continue to be a source of inspiration, but the way it’s presented to us will change. Consumers will change the way they buy. The constant race to present something new will also change. Because of the pause in our lives and to the fashion industry, designers will present not just clothes but pieces that will have more of an emotional connection to us. So much good has appeared out of all this horror. People have become so much more creative. I know I have. I have always tried to inspire to live a “well lived life”. A life where we appreciate every single moment and where we surround ourselves with the most beautiful thing’s. I’m currently working on an E Shop where I will have available to you, the most beautiful Objects, Art and Fashion to make your world beautiful. I shall update you as it comes to fruition. I will continue to work with my favorite people and stores to bring you beautiful images of beautiful people, places and things. Until the lockdown is over. BE SAFE!

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