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WELCOME TO SUMMER! I adore summer! It’s sunshine, it’s colors and everything about the word summer. For today’ s post i’ve decided to revisit the J Crew enamel bangles. I’ve collected this as part of my wardrobe kit for many years. I found them at the GoodWill and the Salvation Army. They are like the Hermes version. I have several dozen’s in my collection. I used them on shoot’s to add a pop of color with a white shirt or anything that needs a bit of bedazzling. I checked the J Crew website and they are all sold out because they are so popular. I guess I’m not the only one that loves them. I suggest layering them in multitudes with a white shirt or a look with a sleeve just to add more interest. Try getting them on and In Our featured image, Akin Girav captured the Layered effect of the J Crew enamel bangle with a little help from Loewe elephant bag at @saks and Celine linen dress from my favorite store, Blake, You must visit. “TELL THEM I SENT YOU”

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