Haute Couture is the vehicle that drives the sale of perfume and accessories for all Couture houses. Therefore it’s the icing on the cake for many houses of Paris.

First up is Dior, Without Raf Simons, of course. It is obvious that a group of twenty something young designers CANNOT design a couture collection much less a ready to wear collection. I’ve always stated that it takes experience to be a leader in this industry. It takes experience to be a relevant stylist, Editor, makeup artist or anything related to the fashion industry. We think that this is a temporary thing until the superstar designer is found . Therefore Dior was simply just another show on the Couture calendar.


Giambattista Valli

Valli is a master of Haute Couture. He has years and experience under his belt and creates frothy concoction that graces the red carpet from Paris to New York, where it matters most. He is a favorite of Rihanna and of the jet set ladies who lunches. This collection presents the softness of silk mousseline balanced with flowers and frothy tulle.



Schiaparelli is the hottest, youngest and one of the most relevant houses on the Couture calendar. Hopefully a so call uber stylist will have enough sense to adorn one of their clients in a Schiaparelli Haute Couture concoction for the Oscars in a few weeks. The collection was based on Food, which is the key to good conversation and good life. Fruits, vegetables and crustacean were embroidered on jackets, t-shirts and gowns invoking its surrealist founder Elsa Schiaparelli.



Chanel is still the leading Couture house in Paris. It’s the kind of clothes you see women wears, simple beautiful and just enough detail to separate itself from ordinary clothes. For spring, Karl Lagerfeld concentrated on the sleeves and the hip bag with soft flowing looks for evening embellished to the max

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