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Gianbattista Valli Haute Couture.

WELCOME TO JULY. WELCOME TO SUMMER. The Fall Winter Haute Couture shows has just been presented last week. Couture and Luxury has made a big return. Rome had it’s Alta Moda and Paris had it’s Haute Couture. Now all that exists is the French version . In the 80’s and 90’s the Haute Couture Calendar had approximately 30 designers showing over a two weeks stretch in Paris alone. Now its down to one week with about half the designers. I designed haute Couture for the house of Christian Lacroix and GianFranco Ferre for Dior in the 90’s. Lacroix is out of business . Dior is still going strong. Couture for me is about Color, Volume, detail and the grandness presented. Yves Saint Laurent was the master of color combination. Now Valentino is the house that best represents Haute Couture. It’s got all the prerequisites and then some. Gianbattista Valli is, for me is the perfect example of Haute Couture. I love his color choices. It’s all about Dramatic shapes and color mixtures. His use of Tulle to an absolute dramatic effect is Perfection. If only all Hollywood stars would dress like this it would be a dream, but alas, This is not the case.

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