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Virgil Abloh is a pioneer in fashion. He is the absolute first black designer to rise at this level in fashion. In the 1980’s the black designer, Patrick Kelly, took Paris by storm with his clingy and highly embellished dresses, He died abruptly. Enter Virgil Abloh, young and black, from Chicago actually. His aesthetics is grounded in street culture. Sneakers and hoodies that is given a dose of couture via workmanship and luxe fabrics. OFF WHITE, Abloh’s Label, is the hottest thing in fashion at the moment and is getting high visibility and sales. The kind that Louis Vuitton wants. Sportive couture that could be available to the masses , at a price , of course.The fashion industry issue with the lack of diversity is being given a boost by Abloh’s appointment to the the very top of the industries gilded label, Louis Vuitton. Earlier this year Edward Enningful was appointed Editor in Chief of British Vogue, The very first black person to hold that title in fashion. Expect to see black faces in major campaigns, shows and in advertising. Black, meaning , black features and hair , not a dolled up version of a hybrid caucasoid. Welcome Mr Abloh! we hope you inspire a multitude of black faces to shatter the facade of fashion’s lacquerd veneer. Patric

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