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WE THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the November issue. It’s been Five fantastic years since we’ve started TWOmuchSTYLE. We decided to do it on a whim. We’ve learned so much. On this day of THANKS, We want to keep in mind all that we are thankful for and all that we are fortunate to have. Do keep in mind the Migrants at the border who think we have such a fortunate life that they want to come and be a part of it. I’m an immigrant also and I was on the other side. Life is such a beautiful thing, Cherish and live everyday with great beauty and compassion. BE THANKFUL! WE THANK YOU. HAPPY THANKSGIVING. THIS PORTFOLIO PHOTOGRAPHED BY EMIL SINANAGIC MILLY CRUZAT IS THANKFUL AND OVERJOYED, WEARING CALVIN KLEIN X LOONEY TUNES INTARSIA SWEATER AVAILABLE AT BLAKE CHICAGO. TELL THEM I SENT YOU. HAIR BY RAMSAY MAKEUP BY ALEX_TATAR FASHION EDITOR- PATRIC CHAUVEZ MANICURIST- BRITISH BURNETT @nailista_mua Patric

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