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Updated: May 29, 2022

We hope you had a fantastic Easter weekend. At TWOmuchSTYLE, April is dedicated to the Bride. This month we will bring you the perfect ways to make your wedding day pure perfection. Whether its sourcing the perfect dress, accessorizing for your big day, hair and beauty or just making the best choices period. On Wednesday we will be shooting our alternative. A wedding dress is a big investment, therefore we will give you options from the Fashion Runways. We will give you the most dazzling choices that you will choose to wear again and again. We will also begin our video series. stay tuned, PLEASE. In our Feature Image, our model Val wears Self Portrait lace dress, our go to designer of the moment. This Portfolio photographed by T Harrison Hillman. Beauty Editor, Darcy McGrath Hair, Bryin Smooth Fashion Editor, Patric Chauvez

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