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Updated: Sep 7, 2022

OBJECT OF DESIRE. FEBRUARY IS THE MONTH OF LOVE. it’s about everything we adore. This month we love anything whimsical. We absolutely love J Crew enameled bangles and Loewe elephant cross body small bag.Fashion should be fun and we suggest adding a bit of color and whimsy to an otherwise serious topic of fashion.Compare to Hermes enameled bangles , J Crew packs a lager than life fashion punch at an absolutely less expensive price. Spring is almost here, it’s time to embrace color.

This portfolio photographed by Akin Girav Sarah Pendergast wears Celing linen canvas dress in sunflower yellow at our favorite store BLAKE Makeup and hair by Kerre Berry at MP management using Chanel cosmetics Manicurist- Jess Monsalvo at MP management using Orly Beauty Assistant Fashion Editor- Danielle Von Keller Fashion Editor and Art Direction- Patric Chauvez AT FORD ARTISTS Thank you to Blake and Saks Fifth Avenue 212 West Chicago Ave Chicago 312-202-0047 “TELL THEM I SENT YOU”

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