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WELCOME TO THE MAY ISSUE. SPRING IS HERE!                                               I do hope that you’re doing well and you’re adhering to the rules of social distancing. These are tough times we’re experiencing and hopefully we will look back and remember all this.  I hope you’ve enjoyed our Spring editorial and is a source of inspiration under quarantine. I have a constant love affair with flowers and I hope this proves “The Power Of Flowers” is never-ending.. Our Object of Desire for this post, comes to us via Neiman Marcus, of course. I’m smitten with Valentino’s VLOCK flower shoulder bag with snakeskin logo. It’s a perfect bag to welcome Spring. Michael Jarecki @jareckipjotographs photographed this portfolio, flowers courtesy of Anastasia Lupu @fillefleurfee. As I write, all the stores are currently closed. Kindly shop online and do “TELL THEM I SENT YOU”.

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